Getting Started


This documentation is for existing customers.

If you are not already a customer, please reach out below.

These instructions are for first-time setup of PoolMMS, if you are looking for seasonal getting started, please click here.

First Steps

Once your first PoolMMS admin account has been created by Salvatorelli Group, it is recommended to create at least one other admin account. Article: Creating a new Admin User.

You also must create a Front Desk user in order to be able to use the check-in side of the system. Article: Creating a Front Desk User
If you do not have a common email address that you would like to use for a shared front desk account, please email support or open a ticket to bypass email address validation.

Then you must import data in the Admin portal. Click “Import Data” in the Admin sidebar and read this article for more information.

Once you have data imported, you need to send your Initial Welcome Email. Read this article for information on how send welcome emails.